Mackerel fishing on the Gold Coast

This post features mackerel fishing on the Gold Coast.
Spanish, spotted & school mackerel are our primary summer and autumn pelagic target fish.
These exciting fish are fun to catch & great to eat, with a very high flesh yield that freezes well.
They are an aggressive hunter, often with the whole school changing from searching/swimming to frantically feeding in the blink of an eye. All can be dead quiet, then next minute every line screams off, and it’s ON!
These exciting fish make summer/autumn fishing our most exciting time of year.

Tips to catch Mackerel on the Gold Coast

  • Use small to medium baits or metal lures, near the surface
  • Use a wire trace. They have very sharp teeth!
  • Be patient and have your baits set or lures working constantly, awaiting that all important feeding frenzy to kick off

So, don’t delay!

Come Mackerel fishing on the Gold Coast with BK’s, today!



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