Gold Coast Tuna Fishing

A nice mixed bag of reef fish plus some tuna fishing fun for our half day charter fishing families.

How good is a bit of friendly competition between family members? We often get parents and kids, or friends/work mates, competing for the biggest, best or most caught on a trip. This video was taken on a day with a Dad and his 2 young boys who battled it out right from the start. They, and the other fishos on board, caught snapper, tusk fish, moses perch, cod, tailor & tuna.


Mackerel tuna, often called Mac Tuna, are a hard-fighting sports fish that are caught on the half day charter fishing grounds (~20-50m depth) during most months of the year. They are a formidable opponent, being one of the hardest fighting fish for their size.

Being a red meat fish, Mac tuna aren’t the most popular eating fish in Australia, but you absolutely can eat them! You just need to prepare them in alternative ways, like raw/sashimi, ceviche, marinaded and seared (leaving the centre rare/raw). We’ve even had passengers use them in curries and smoke them. You can find more info in our recipes category of this blog. Of course, if you only like white flesh fish, Mac tuna are not for you, and you can choose to release or share your fish after your epic battle.

Gold Coast Tuna Fishing Tips

  • Find bait, either splashing the surface or marking on the sounder
  • Set medium sized dead or live baits in the mid water column
  • Burley up regularly
  • Wait for the rod to buckle over and hang on tight

So, don’t delay!

Come tuna fishing on the Gold Coast with BK’s, today!


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