Christmas has come early; Gold Coast Mackerel Season begins mid Nov 2022

Watch our YouTube for heaps of Gold Coast Mackerel Season action:

The 2022/2023 Gold Coast mackerel season has kicked off nice and early, with our first mackerel hookup mid November, and since then the hookups have kept coming thick and fast.

In comparison, our first mackerel of the 21/22 Gold Coast mackerel season was a lone Spanish mid December, then we didn’t see another mackerel until January. Let’s hope the strong start to this season keeps up!

The most mackerel we’ve boated in one trip during this past week was 12 fish from probably double that amount of hits/dropped hookups. Yesterday (21/11/22) we boated 8 from about 20 hits/dropped hook ups. Other days have seen solo mackerel, or catches of 3-6 fish. The “ones that got away” were lost to all the usual Gold Coast mackerel season mayhem, like bite offs, pulled hooks and crafty fish getting the better of the crew & punters (that challenge is why we love these toothy critters!).

16 Nov 2022, 12 mackerel for 10 happy fishos

As you’ll see above, we have put together a video of a triple hookup on 21/11/22, with Tahlia, Albert & Steve-o, including BK’s first Spanish mackerel for the 22/23 season that gave angler Tahlia one hell of a fight as the Lazer Lure was hooked in the pectoral fin (you’ll hear in the video, we originally thought it was in the cheek).
Tahlia kept at it and didn’t back down, and the crew went for the long distance gaff shot to ensure we saw the fish hit the deck. Epic job, Tahlia!

Tahlia, with her 105cm Spanish Mackerel, the first Spaniard of the 22/23 season

Mackerel can be a fickle fish at times, the bite often referred to as being “hit or miss”. All can be quiet, seeming like there’s no fish around, and then BOOM – they fire up into aggressive feeding mode in the blink of an eye, then next minute your line screams off, and it’s ON! That’s what we had yesterday multiple times as the school changed from searching to feeding around us, and exactly what occurred to result in this triple hookup.
Cheers to the various passengers who helped film the triple hookup action yesterday while my hands were full!

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These fast & toothy fish are fun to catch & great to eat, with a very high flesh yield that freezes well.
These awesome and tasty fish make summer/autumn fishing our most exciting time of year.


So, don’t delay!

Come Mackerel fishing on the Gold Coast with BK’s, today!

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