Fishing with kids on the Gold Coast

This post features fishing with kids on the Gold Coast, starring young Josh who did an amazing job of playing this epic Spanish mackerel.

Spanish, spotted & school mackerel are our primary summer and autumn pelagic target fish. School mackerel are the smaller of the 3, spotted mackerel grow a bit larger, but Spanish mackerel grow the largest of the 3, and are a real trophy fish to catch.
No matter the size of the fish, our friendly crew will assist you and the kids to hook up, play and land one of these epic fish.


If these big fish make you a bit nervous, never fear! We will gladly assist you and the kids, or we can help you target “pan sized” fish.

Tips for fishing with kids

  • Seasickness prevention medicine is a MUST. The best types are Travacalm (original or HO), and Kwells. (Natural/ginger based tablets DO NOT work for most people!)
  • Take the medicine 20-30 minutes before boarding the boat.
  • Have something light to eat before coming on board, like cereal or toast. Muesli bars are also a great option to eat on the way out, if the kids don’t want to eat that early at home.
  • Warm kids are happy kids! Dress them nice and warm in layers they can strip off as the day gets warmer. A spray jacket is a great item to wear on top, too.
  • Hat and sunglasses to help keep glare out of their eyes, and of course sunscreen.
  • Have a great time! We are here to help, so please ask if you need anything. Our friendly crew are more than happy to teach you and the kids how to bait up, hook up and wind in dinner.

So, don’t delay!

Come fishing with the kids on the Gold Coast with BK’s, today!



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